Moving/Going Places/Arriving etc Verbs

Entering or to go upstairs

Wejść (perf.) / Wchodzić (imp.) . Used when entering a building, a room, or when going upstairs

Leaving (buildings)

Wyjść (perf.) / wychodzić (imp.) - used when leaving buildings

Leaving (other things, not buildings)

Odejść (perf.) / Odchodzić (imp.) - used when leaving (not for buildings)


przyjść (perf.) / przychodzić (imp.) - to arrive

To go down/go downstairs

zejść (perf.) / schodzić (imp.) - to go down or to go downstairs

"is coming"

Nadejść (perf.) / nadchodzić (imp.) - used to say something like 'winter is coming'

To go around

obejść (perf.) / obchodzić (imp.) - to go around something

To disperse/everyone leave in different directions

Rozejść (perf.) / Rozchodzić się - used when everyone (or everything) leaves, but all going in different directions away.

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