Visiting Poland? Here is how to say the real basics (thanks, hello, goodbye, etc)

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If you are visiting Poland any time soon then you should at least know the very basics (like how to say hello in Polish, or how to say thank you). Here is a quick overview...

Polish English How to pronounce
Tak Yes tack
Nie No ni-eh
Na zdrowie Cheers (when drinking) nah zd-rov-ieh
Dzień dobry good morning / good afternoon djen doh-breh
Dobry wieczór Good evening doh-breh vieh-chor
Cześć Hi (informal) cheszsh
Przepraszam Sorry or excuse me Prseh-prash-am
Dziękuję Thank you (formal) jen-koo-yeh
Dzięki Thanks (informal) jen-key
Nie wiem I don't know nieh vi-em
gdzie są toalety Where are the toilets gd-zieh son toa-let-eh