Meanings of the Polish word "co" (apart from "what"!)

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Meanings of the Polish word "co" (apart from "what"!) Table of contents

The Polish word co normally translates to what in English. For example, "what is that?" = co to jest?

However co can actually mean several other things. Of course, the 'what' translation is the most common, but you should be aware of the other following uses:

Co means what

The basic example, such as co to jest = what is this?

Po Co = what for

A common phrase worth knowing is po co, which translates to "for what" (or "what for", depending on context). Although 'co' still translates to 'what' here, it is a useful phrase to remember.

a co ty chory? = Are you sick, or what?

It can also be used like this, which can mean the exact translation or can be used to mean "are you crazy, or what?", or "you're joking?"

Co means 'every' as in 'every weekend'

You can use co to say 'every' in sentences such as: co weekend (every weekend) or co godzinę (every hour)

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