How to say things are the same (in Polish)

Category: General

is as x as y (share a similar attribute)

To say something has a similar attribute as something else then you should use ...jest tak samo jak...

If you want to say something like "Tom is as nice as jack" then use the following:

Tom jest tak samo jak Jack

It uses the Nominative case (because of jest / być).

If you say something like lubię... tak samo ... then it would be in Accusative because lubić uses accusative case.

[person / thing] is as [adjective/adverb] as [person/thing]

[person / thing] jest tak samo [adjective/adverb] jak [person/thing]

The 'tak samo' part does not change, no matter what the gender is! It is always 'tak samo'

x is the same as y (exactly the same thing) - ...jest taka sama jak...

For example to say "This glass is the same as this mug" - ta szklanka jest taka sama jak ten kubek

How to set up this sentence:

1) look at the item/person (in this case the glass - szklanka).

2) use that gender from the table below (in this case female)


Masc (singular) taki sam
Fem (singular) taka sama
Neut (singular) tako samo


Masc Personal (Plural) tacy sami
All other (Plural) takie same

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