How to say how you feel (I feel tired, etc) - using the 'mi się' format

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How to say how you feel (I feel tired, etc) - using the 'mi się' format Table of contents


There are a few ways to say how you are feeling in Polish.

One of them is to use the 'mi się' format. When literally translated word by word, it doesn't really work in English. However these phrases are very commonly used in Polish and you should study them well. Luckily they are really easy and quick to learn!

How to form the phrases

There are a couple of ways that they are formed. But for all of them you will need to know this table:

Me You He she Us You (plural) them
mi ci mu jej nam wam im

(This is from Dative case)

method 1

For some of the phrases you can use this way:

Chce ci się pić (I am thirsty)

  • Always use chce (it doesn't matter who the sentence is about!)
  • Then select who (in this case ci = you (singular))
  • don't forget się
  • And then add the relevant ending (find more below!)

Method 2

For other phrases, you can just write the adverb and who it is about.

For example Gorąco mi = I am hot

Method 3

You can also use jest. Similarly to when using chce, you don't ever change it (it doesn't matter who the sentence is about).

For example Jest mi dobrze = I am good

List of these phrases

Remember that you can switch out the mi/ci with any of the other words from the first table above!

Chce im się spać They are tired
Chce mi się spać I am tired (literally: I want to sleep)
Chce mi się pić I am thirsty (literally: I want a drink)
Chce wam się pić You (plural) are thirsty
Gorąco ci You are feeling hot
Gorąco mi I am feeling hot
Jest Mi źle I am annoyed/angry
Jest mi zimno I am cold
Jest nam zimno We are cold
Niedobrze mi I feel sick
Niedobrze ci You feel sick
Nudzi mi się I am bored
Nudzi jej się She is bored
Smutno mi I am feeling sad
Smutno ci You are sad

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