Directions and getting to locations (in Polish)

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Being able to ask for directions and understand the replies is very important when learning a language. Hopefully you'll get to spend time in Poland, and can then ask for directions in Polish.

Important words and phrases to learn when asking for directions around town

English Polish
Jak dość do ... How to get to ...
gdzie jest...? Where is...?
którędy? Which way?
skręć Turn
skręć w lewo Turn left
skręć w prawo Turn right
zawróć Go back
idź dalej Keep going
tam będzie... There will be...
To tu It is here
To tutaj It is here
To tam It is there
Jest obok... it is next to...
Niedaleko Not far away
Blisko Near
Daleko Far away
jest między ... a ... It is between ... and ...
To po lewej stronie It is on the left side
To po prawej stronie It is on the left side
na skrzyżowaniu... At the junction (crossroads)...
idź Go
Należy iść You must go
północ North
południe south
wschód east
zachód west
na północy To the north
na południu in the south
na wschodzie in the east
na zachodzie in the west
ulicia street
most bridge
końca ulicy End of the street
przejść przez ulicę cross the street
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