Days Of The Week In Polish

Being able to understand how to say the days of the week in Polish can be very useful!

Days of the week in Polish

English Polish
Week Tydzień
Monday Poniedziałek
Tuesday Wtorek
Wednesday Środa
Thursday Czwartek
Friday Piątek
Saturday Sobota
Sunday Niedziela
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How to say "On" a day of the week (e.g. 'On Monday') in Polish

This is easy! You just use the preposition w then the day of the week. If the day of the week begins with a 'w' (e.g. wtorek/Tuesday) then use 'we'. You also have to change the words slightly into the accusative case (biernik) so the endings change a little.

  • W poniedziałek (on Monday)
  • We wtorek (on Tuesday) Note the 'we' not 'w', because the next word begins with 'w' (wtorek)
  • W środę (on Wednesday) Note the ending has changed from środa to środę
  • w czwartek (on Thursday)
  • w piątek (on Friday)
  • w sobotę (on Saturday)
  • w niedzielę (on Sunday)

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